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Caring For Your Directees In Case of Emergency

Do you have a plan on how to care for your directees should you be incapacitated by injury or (in the worst case) death? It’s a difficult topic to bring up, but it’s important to think about, especially as we care for people’s souls.

This excellent article from EDSA will provide you with guidance and suggestions for planning for the unforeseeable. (Click on the image to download.)



A Prayer From The Heart

The gifted author and guide, Ken Boa, posted a beautiful prayer on his blog today. It’s a wonderful resource for yourself or others as you are guided through difficult or challenging circumstances.

Read the prayer and ask yourself: how is God speaking to me through this prayer today?

The Culture of Like

The New York Times recently published a great article by Jonathan Franzen about how technology is shaping the way that we love on another—even going so far as to provide an alternative to love. As directors, it is vital for us to be aware of the impact that our technologies (smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, etc.) have not only on ourselves, but on our practice and our directees.



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