Welcome to Anam Cara Abbey!

We are excited to announce that coming soon we will have our very own Anam Cara Abbey app that will provide a virtual space for the abbey community to gather for conversation, resources, practice and connection. Read on for more information and to find out how you can join the community!

Chances are, you’re here because you support the work of Anam Cara Ministries in some way. Maybe you’ve read one of Tara’s books and resonated with the content, or you’ve been encouraged by the daily posts on Anam Cara’s Facebook page. Maybe you are a spiritual director, a recipient of spiritual direction, or someone who’s joined us for a Scripture Circle. Or maybe you just love the idea of promoting soul friendship in the world.
Whatever way you’ve come to Anam Cara, we are so glad that you’re here!
We say “we” intentionally, because this is a place that we’ve built together over the past ten years. It’s a place where people are reminded (again and again and again) that they are the beloved of God. It’s a place of prayer and contemplative practice, of falling down and getting back up again. It’s a place of community and hope, where stories are shared and creativity is practiced. It’s a wild, holy place of spiritual companionship and friendship in all its messy and beautiful forms.
During this decade of ministry, what I (Tara) have come to realize is that I’m the abbess here. Like a monastic community, Anam Cara functions as a sacred family. And we’d love to welcome you in.

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