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Spiritual direction can sometimes be a lonely vocation. Many of us have been called from a background that did not necessarily focus on the skills and practices that could help us to develop a thriving practice. We have practical questions about how to reach out to those who are longing for the ministry of spiritual direction. We can also feel adrift in a socially connected world that doesn’t appear to make space for the contemplative, the quiet, the deep things in life. We have other, more core, philosophical questions: Does spiritual direction and the ministry of hospitality allow for marketing? Are those two things even compatible? Do I want to market myself?

After those questions come others: Who am I as a director? What tools are appropriate and not appropriate to me? What are my own boundaries around the number of directees that I have? Do I want a practice within my church, or is a private practice more appropriate? Do I charge for my services, or accept donations? What is it that God is calling me to do in regards to the growth of my practice? Where am I being called simply to wait for Him and trust?

Consulting a director on their practice and desires takes many different forms. Sometimes consultation questions arise during a supervision session, where a supervisor can assist with questions of practicality related to a specific directee in an environment of confidentiality. Sometimes consultation questions involve assistance with where to find resources or what continuing education programs are appropriate for you and your growth. Other questions involve practical instruction, such as learning how to set up and use Skype for spiritual direction or whether or not your practice should be advertised on Facebook.

Because of God’s graciousness (and sense of humor), I have been given the unique opportunity to have directed more than 1,000 one-on-one hours of spiritual direction at a distance. These sessions have primarily been over Skype, and I have a useful set of protocols, tips and tricks that make spiritual direction at a distance—whatever your technology—easier and better for both you and your directee. I also have a thriving website and Facebook community, and work with various technologies to bring the grace of God and the contemplative voice into a place that sometimes seems hostile.

As someone who has developed her practice across borders, I have international experience with things like billing, maintaining relationship and cross-cultural questions.

Consulting takes numerous forms, from a one-time consult on how to use Skype effectively to an ongoing relationship of support and resourcing as you begin to build your practice or take it to the next level.


One-time Skype Consultation:                    $50

Getting Your Practice Started:                   $200

(includes 5 one-hour sessions of consultation, instruction on setting up a website, code of ethics, suggestions for on-going education and support, resources and individual discernment on how your practice could reflect your individual call from God)

One Session of Consultation:                      $50

Other Consultation Services:                      As negotiated

I also understand the limitations and struggles of ministry life. If any of these fees are prohibitive for you, I am happy to talk about a sliding scale that meets your needs specifically.


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  1. I would be interested in getting consulting help. What is the process to schedule an appt? – Sherri

    July 18, 2012
    • Hi, Sheri,

      Send me an email at with what you’re looking for and what your budget is, and I would love to help!

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Grace & peace,

      July 18, 2012

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