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One of the most important responsibilities of a spiritual director is to maintain a healthy practice through on-going supervision. This can take the form of individual or peer-group supervision, and often ranges in its goals and focus. No matter the form of supervision, however, the overarching purpose is to assist the director in maintaining the interior freedom necessary to hear God and tend their directees with love, integrity and grace.

I offer both individual supervision and serve as a facilitator for supervision peer groups. My approach is contemplative, and I journey with the director in a style often compared to the practice of lectio divina—together we are discerning the voice and movement of God in the session or situation brought to supervision.

I work on a covenant model, to be established during our first session, so that together we have decided on the goals and parameters of our relationship. Some of the things I believe necessary to this type of covenant are complete confidentiality, the primacy of grace, an environment of learning, hospitality of heart and an invitation to laughter.

For my work as a facilitator, I usually covenant with a peer group to act as a facilitator for a period of six months to a year. In this role, I am not part of the group process, but instead provide a loving presence that assists the group in finding their natural rhythm and methods of journeying with one another.


Individual Supervision:          $65/session

Group Facilitation:                     $10/participant/session

As I also understand the demands and financial restrictions of ministry, I also work on a sliding scale and am happy to discuss my fees and your needs.

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